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  • Belgian dubbel
  • Octane rating: 7.0%vol.

“She radiates wild desire
She falls madly in lust with you
She is the chill over burning coals
She makes you howl until the sun comes up
She is walking on the slippery roof
She reaches her arms up into the starry night
She is looking upward high above the full moon”


The Background Story

"Nature is not mute; it is man who is deaf". - Terence McKenna [1946-2000]

In the ongoing quest of our staff’s strong will to broaden the mind, our respect and admiration to nature grows, so do the clear connections that unveil themselves through nature’s storytelling. This brew is a double tribute to the legacy of the German author Hans Heinz Ewers [1871-1943] and to the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné [1707-1778]. The latter had an enormous impact on the process of translating nature’s language to whoever wants to listen. For us, the plants and their knowledge continue to puzzle, both through their beauty and in their role as teachers. We hope you will hear it.

The fine prints

The name of the label is after the novel Alraune [1911] by Hans Heinz Ewers.

The conceptual approach for this label was based on the interplay of several sources, such as the novel Alraune by Ewers, the German expressionist adaptation film Alraune [1928] by Henrik Galeen [1881-1949] and the Horologium Florae (lit. “flower clock”) [1751] proposed by Carl von Linné, as well as the scholar studies on psychoactive plants The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants by Christian Rätsch [2004] and Plants of the Gods [1992] by Richard Evans-Schultes [1915-2001] et al.

The label features a plant clock inspired by Horologium Florae. The clock comprises some of the most important psychoactive plants and mushrooms in the history of the mankind from the entheogen- and medical perspective. The plants are placed in line with the time hours as representation of their bloom and fruiting time over the year as follows:

Clock centre: Mandrake root as per Alraune film by Henrik Galeen.

  • 1 a.m./p.m.: White Mistletoe
  • 2 a.m./p.m.: Night-Blooming Jasmine
  • 3 a.m./p.m.: Opium poppy
  • 4 a.m./p.m.: Monkshood
  • 5 a.m./p.m.: Belladonna
  • 6 a.m./p.m.: Blue Lotus Flower
  • 7 a.m./p.m.: Absinthe Wormwood
  • 8 a.m./p.m.: Hops
  • 9 a.m./p.m.: Mexican Psilocybin Mushroom
  • 10 a.m./p.m.: Fly Agaric
  • 11 a.m./p.m.: Marigold
  • 12 a.m./p.m.: Peyote Cactus

The majority of the drawing sketches of the plants were performed by Jonathan Hultén (our artist) during a visit at Linnéträdgården in Uppsala, Sweden in September 2012. Alraune appears in the middle of the clock. The face features of Alraune are in line with the German actress Brigitte Helm's [1906-1996] in order to give a hint of the German film expressionism, draping her in shroud of hues to emphasize her importance in the composition. The textures in the label suggest the changing of the season through their colours and placement.

The logo font is derived from the logo font of the original cover of the novel Alraune by Hans Heinz Ewers.

Flavour profile

Lustful Dubbel with charcoal flame colour and flavour with fruity character suggesting peach, honeydew melon and plums balanced by soft and pleasant hop bitterness. It will seduce you to uncontrollable frenzy.


Malts: Munich 15, Abbey malt, Cara Ruby 50, Pilsnermalt, Munchen Wheat, Special B and Melanoidin malt 80

Bittering hops: Amarillo

Aroma hops: Cascade

Dry-hopping: Cascade and Amarillo

IBU: 38


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