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Cactus Pete

  • Lawless IPA
  • Octane rating: 6.6% vol.
Cactus Pete

"A masked man rides his white stallion
Like those behind the power hidden in the shadows
Oh TV mythical champion!
Obscure deeds beyond all measures
With bullets and moral codes
Disguised hero of Western rangers
Hi-yo, Silver! Away!"

Cactus Pete

The Background Story

In Detroit 1933 during the Great Depression, a radio show was conceived by a German immigrant radio station owner, George W. Trendle, in which a fictional masked Texas Ranger called ”The Lone Ranger” fought in the American Old West with his Native American Comanche companion, ”Tonto,” against outlaws. Tonto means ”stupid” or ”ignorant” in Spanish. In the first episode of this radio show the narrator was a fictional figure called ”Cactus Pete,” who was a friend of The Lone Ranger, telling the story of how the masked man and Tonto first met.

From this radio show, a popular television show of this fictional masked character was created. Airing from 1949 to 1957, ”The Lone Ranger” resonated with millions of viewers in the USA. Comic books and several movies were derived from its success in the American media. The TV show was the ABC television network’s first big hit of the early 1950’s, producing a total of 221 episodes.

The theme music of the show was taken from the ”March of the Swiss Soldiers” finale of Gioachino Rossini’s ”William Tell Overture,” which became strongly associated with the series. The music from Liszt’s ”Les Preludes” was also featured, which was well known for its use by Germany’s Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, as a theme in weekly news announcements to inform of the German victories in WWII.

From the psychoanalytic perspective as an enduring icon of American culture, this hero stereotype with hidden identity and society’s saviour under the will of the government became a classic pattern which exploded over the years in the American media, profiting from the noble sentiments of the audience with its fictional, segregating, racist stories and superficial entertainment.

With our Cactus Pete – Lawless IPA we want to display the duality of the nature of this dramatic and disguised heroic character, with his glossy and beautiful appearance hiding a darker meaning in his shadow and decay, reminding you that you are your own law and your own hero.

The fine prints

The name of the label is after the name of the narrator, “Cactus Pete,” from the American radio show episode “The Origin of Tonto” of The Lone Ranger [1938-12-07] by Fran Striker [1903-1962] that tells the story of how the Lone Ranger and Tonto first met.

The conceptual theme is based on the American TV series “The Lone Ranger” – Season 1 Episodes 1-3 [1949] but interpreted through our own lens as the representation of the American mainstream media agenda – ”masked” men with power profiting from the noble sentiments of the audience with fictional stories and superficial entertainment.

The label features “The Lone Ranger” from a psychoanalytic perspective as an enduring icon of American culture, the hero stereotype with secret identity, society’s saviour under the will of the government’s rulers, a classic pattern launched over the years by the American media.

The Lone Ranger is depicted as an almost decrepit old man, rather than in between the 25-40’s age span, representing the traditional model of the anonymous white, old male dressed in suit with political influence and power. He symbolises the American media and those who control it such as government and multinational corporations. He has a stern and grim expression on his face, reflecting the gravity of what he represents. The impression of his pose is dramatic and in its context presumably heroic as well.

The morbid appearance of his horse “Silver” is inspired by the horse in the painting ”The Nightmare” [1781] by Henry Fuseli [1741-1825]. The label art taken as a whole illustrates the duality and opposition within the symbolism of The Lone Ranger, a shiny and beautiful character in form yet concealing a much darker meaning in his shadow.

Flavour profile

This is a lawless IPA that follows neither rules nor stereotypes. Ride its genuine flavour through its heroic hop character and powerful maltiness. Beware the heroes with hidden identity. Remember that you are your own law and your own hero!


Malts: Vienna, Abbey, Biscuit and Melanoidin

Bittering hops: Challenger

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Celeia

Dry-hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Mandarina Bavaria & Simcoe

IBU: 60

Yeast: Ale Yeast



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