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Cardinal Maniac

Cardinal Maniac
Cardinal Maniac

The Background Story

You can take the boys out of the thrash metal, but you can't take the thrash metal out of the boys! Cardinal Maniac was born from a long-standing friendship between guitar spankers Olle Hedenström (Kongh, ex-Dead Lord, Sordid Flesh, Acid's Trip) and Jonatan Rimsbo (Spelljammer), and soon the gravitational pull of vicious, rusty barbed wire-flavoured thrash proved too much for bass player Jörgen Sandström (The Project Hate, Domedagen, Krux, ex-Entombed, Grave, Torture Division), drummer Tomas Järmyr (Motorpsycho) and Australian shouter Tom Sutton (Night Viper, The Order Of Israfel, ex-Church Of Misery, Horisont) to resist. It's a kind of homecoming for 5 blokes who have travelled far and experienced much, but who know that it's the food you grew up with that you'll always love best. In this case, the food they grew up with was fast, nasty, and wriggled a bit on the plate. Get it in ya!

Photo: Olle Hedenström


Jörgen Sandström - Bass
Jonathan Rimsbo - Guitar
Tom Sutton - Vocals
Olle Hedenström - Guitar
Tomas Järmyr - Drums

The music

Cardinal Maniac's music

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