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  • Oak Aged Red Ale
  • Octane rating: 6.9%vol.
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"So eager to delve into the dark side of desire
No more trivial delights and mental denials
The box is the key to the door beyond the pleasure
Redefining the limits of any physical measure
The puzzle is solved, the Order has come
Granting you extraordinary experiences to explore
Your body and soul scream with joy"

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The Background Story

Desire is not just the map of the road, but the road itself!

Horror films are set to scare and terrify the audience to invoke our primal responses in a cathartic experience between fear, repulsion and attraction.

In 1987, the English writer, film director and imaginer Clive Barker created his world famous masterpiece "Hellraiser" based on his own novella "The Hellbound Heart", first published in November 1986.

Hellraiser has become an iconic milestone of the modern horror fiction and collective imagery, exploring emotional regions that the contemporaneous slasher films were not capable to offer to the audience, where no dialogue exists between monster and the hopeless victim. In contrast, Barker displayed for the first time in Hellraiser deep dialogue scenes, where the monsters and humans talk about their conditions. The Evil is not abstract. The Evil can speak and its point of view can be made.

Combining punk, catholicism, body piercing and S&M imagery, enigmatic and supernatural characters were created in Barker’s imaginary called the Cenobites. These repulsive sadomasochistic yet glamorous entities can grant you the ultimate sensual experience, where the pleasure and pain are indivisible if you solve a musical puzzle box called the "Lemarchand Configuration", which opens the gateway to an extradimensional realm, where the Cenobites resides.

With this beer we want to pay homage to Clive Barker’s work and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his inspiring Magnum Opus "Hellbound Heart / Hellraiser". Cenobite - Bourbon Red Ale will grant you the utterly sensual experience beyond the limits. It will tear your soul apart!

The fine prints

This ale is homage to the masterwork of the English horror fiction author Clive Barker.

The name of the label is after the Cenobites (i.e. the Order of Gash) from the film "Hellraiser" [1987] by Clive Barker, based on his novella "The Hellbound Heart" [1986].

The visual concept is derived from the interplay of the following subjects:
1. Clive Barker’s imagery through visual passages and fictional concept of the film "Hellraiser" such as the Cenobites and the Lemarchand’s box
2. The music theory book "Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory" [2011] by Richard Merrick
3. The psychology book "The Hidden Sense - Synesthesia in Art and Science" [2010] by Cretien van Campen
4. Synesthesia neurological condition
5. Natural Colour System (NCS) by the Scandinavian Colour Institute (Skandinaviska Färginstitutet AB) of Stockholm, Sweden.

The label features the Lemarchand’s box as the container of the synesthethic interpretation of the specific part [04:20-06:38] of the song "Left Hand Path" [1989] by Entombed under Jonathan Hultén’s (our artist) personal colour synesthesia and a geometrical configuration proposal.

The box sides describe the synesthetic interpretation into the Metatron’s Cube in Dual Tonic Diatonic Ring Model based on the Grand Scientific Musical Theory by Richard Merrick condensing the holistic audible impression of listening to the aforementioned part of the song. Read the description of the synesthetic interpretation of "Left Hand Path into Lemarchand’s box" below.

The leader of the Cenobites also known as "Pinhead" and the iconic chains appear in the background of the visual.

The colour scheme is accordingly converted from CMYK colour model into NCS colour system due to this latter is the nearest to the colour perception by the human eye according to the final outcomes of our Brewmaster and founder Andres Furukawa’s PhD thesis.

The logo font is derived from the font of the film poster of Hellraiser.

The over-all framing of the label is rather cinematic and enigmatic, surrounded by a drape of violence and horror.

In conclusion, the Cenobite in the label is the giver of the synesthetic experience to the viewer (i.e. audible-colour-geometrical gestalts).

Left Hand Path into Lemarchand’s box (The knowledge unleashed from the box):

Box-side furthest to the right (i.e. Left Hand Path-synesthesia):
Synesthetic interpretation into the Metraton’s Cube in Dual Tonic Diatonic Ring Model based on the Grand Scientific Musical Theory by Richard Merrick.
Jonathan Hultén’s synesthetic experience: A very warm, calm and slightly sacral impression by staring at it, and a major chord performed by a choir suggested in his mind.
This marriage of his personal synesthesia and the geometrical transfiguration is a summary of the holistic impression (i.e. melody, guitar riff, drums, voices, atmosphere, specific sounds, etc.) of listening to the specific part of the song, in contrast to the other sides of the box that depict specific elements of the part of the Left Hand Path song (i.e. melody and guitar riff).
Trying to find the colours of the specific part of the Left Hand Path song, it was decided to paint a picture of how the audio was experienced:
- The line of small, blue dots in the upper middle represents the theme-melody depicted on the upper box-side (i.e. spectral, ghostlike, haunting).
- The wide redness represents the guitar, bass and drums (i.e. the powerful flesh and bones of the audible picture). - The yellow/light blue represents the guitar solos, which has a character somewhere in between the two aforementioned.
- The space where the scene takes place represents the overall atmosphere (i.e. as if a cold, dark cave inhabited by of malicious living matter).
When these colours were transferred to the box-side, he came to do it with the following features in mind:
- The red represents the Vitruvian body (i.e. Frank Cotton). Dismembered body of the Hellraiser.
- The purple stands for the ill-willed living matter (i.e. the Cenobites).
- The blue represents the location/scene and its atmosphere.
- The yellow stands for the nails, chains and hooks, which shackles the body.
- The blue dots can be seen in the edges representing the melody/theme once again.

Box-side furthest to the left:
This side describes the melody of the theme from the specific part of the song (i.e. b - f# - g - e - f# - d - c# - a).

Merrick´s Synesthetic Chromatic Ring Model and roman numbers were used in order to describe the melody. As colours in the model represent the functions in an octave and not the specific key (C major) used as an example in the book, the model is hence transposed to Bm as tonic in this context.

Metraton’s cube is placed in the centre as a reference to the box-side furthest to the right, but also as a mere decoration. The small rings below the numbers indicates the rhythmic value of the tones (i.e. in this case eights), understood in relation to the dots on the middle box-side described below.

Box-side in the middle:
This side describes the background guitar riff supporting the melody of the theme from the specific part of the song (i.e. in fifth-chords b - a - g#, b - a - g#, g - f# - e - f#, g - a - b). Once again, Merrick´s Synesthetic Chromatic Ring Model and roman numbers were used in order to describe the fifth chord progression. The colours of the lines in the rings hints of which of the two tones in the chords is the fifth one and which one is the tonic.

The small dots between chromatic rings indicates the rhythmic value of the tones (i.e. in this case half notes), understood in relation to the ring on the box-side furthest to the left described above.


Cenobite video

Flavour profile

Perversely beautiful red ale with dismembered yet robust body. It has a graceful and elegant malt flavour perfectly balanced by perfumy scent of hops and bourbon whiskey notes of caramel, orange, vanilla and citrus. A metaphysical sensual experience that will tear your soul apart!


Malts: Munich Type I, Abbey, Melanoidin, Carared and Special W

Bittering hops: Northern Brewer

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Bobek

Dry-hopping: Styrian Goldings Bobek and Saaz

Flavouring ingredients: This beer was matured in American oak, previously soaked in bourbon whiskey.

IBU: 35


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