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  • Belgian Strong Ale
  • Octane rating: 7.6%vol.

"Man captures pictures under the light of a torch
Animals alive with a will of their own
The body is their knowledge, the motion is their soul
Arcane symbols made by clay, charcoal and soil
The bird masked-shaman stands at the great bull hall
Burying the elders with necklaces of bones
The oldest amongst the rituals before the magic cave walls"


The Background Story

This beer pays tribute to the archaic visionaries, to the cradle of art and to our origin that we seem to have lost somewhere along the way, yet still lies dormant deep within. We are still the same people.

The paintings on the walls of the Lascaux caves leave few of its spectators untouched and still to this day they seem to act as a thin veil to the worlds they may have once derived from; a world inhabited by spirits, ancestors and other astral entities. The archaic man seems to have had a greater access to his inner worlds and to what Jung called The Self, where as we today seem so occupied with the pressures of the external world that we have lost the ability to receive the messages of the Self. The Self is often symbolised as an animal which represents our instinct and its connection to nature.

The animals depicted in this label are inspired by the paintings in Lascaux. Our artist Jonathan Hultén has, with respect and reverence for the originals and their artists, made his original on the foot of a mountain using the same techniques.

It is our hope that you, even though you may not have access to an actual cave, enjoy this beer in the dark by an open fire and that you, to paraphrase the Swedish authour Selma Lagerlöf, yet again tighten the strings of the soul to receive mystical sensations.

The fine prints

The beer and its name are memorials to the Cro-Magnon, the first early European modern humans found [around 43,000 B.C.E.] until present day and to his legacy, such as the archetypical art in the Lascaux Caves and the oldest known burying rituals where necklaces and flint tools were placed next to the dead people.

The art technique for the label is inspired by the Upper-Palaeolithic art technique - stone carving with the use of bones and flint stones.

The imagery for the label was derived from the Lascaux’s art found in “The great bull hall” contextualized by Carl Jung [1875-1961] in his "Man and his Symbols" [1961] – the animal symbol as an archetype. The symbol for the archaic behaviour which lies dormant in human nature.

The highlights of the label are the stone carvings/paintings and the colour scheme which our artist Jonathan Hultén created. He made it on a stone surface at the foot of a mountain by a lake in Arvika, mimicking the conditions that the Cro-Magnon people used to create the art found in the Lascaux caves.

The colour scheme resulted from the exploration of distinct natural colorants such as own grown raspberries, red currants and black currants as well as mud from the stream by Jonathan’s house in Arvika, soil-clay, charcoal and burnt soil from bonfires.

The label features Cro-Magnon himself in line with the only human character depicted on the Lascaux caves at “The Shaft of the Dead Man”, who according to one theory presents a shaman wearing a bird mask surrounded by the animals most prominently portrayed from the cave of Lascaux, carving tools, spear points and signs. The holistic image stands for Cro-Magnon in spiritual and physical relation to his world, which in both cases is circling around the animal life.

The logo font is inspired by a font used in an 1860’s French newspaper.

Cro-Magnon painting

Cro-Magnon video

Flavour profile

Elegant ruby coloured ale with creamy foam head and generous body. Beautifully balanced with an interplay of peach, raisins, figs, caramel and brandy notes. Follow the bottom of the underworld!


Malts: Munich Type I, Vienna, Abbey, Carabelge, Melanoidin, Special W and Carafa Type I

Bittering hops: Northern Brewer and Challenger

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Bobek

Dry-hopping: Styrian Goldings Bobek, Cascade and Amarillo

IBU: 43


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