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General Surgery

General Surgery
General Surgery

The Background Story

For three decades General Surgery has been grinding their gore-soaked metal into shape, making it the putrid masterpiece it is today. From the legendary Necrology EP (1991) to later splits and full-length albums, the scalpel-wielding surgeons have a history of carving out their twisted and bloodcurdling tunes with precision - and insanity. Expect everything from maniacal vivacity and haste to morgue-tainted languor when you delve into the discographical casket of this league of extraordinary grave robbers.

General Surgery's rancid musical stew has been poured over unsuspecting audiences all over the world – usually leaving them in a blood-drenched stupor – and the doctors are looking forward to bringing their corpse-defiling antics to the stage once more.

Photo: Michael Kellermanr


Dr J. Carlsson - Guitars
Dr A. Eriksson - Bass
Dr A. Mitroulis - Drums
Dr E. Sahlström - Vocals
Dr U. Skytt - Guitars

The music

General Surgery's music

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