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Gonzo Attack

  • Breakfast Cereal Ale
  • Octane rating: 6.6%vol.
Gonzo Attack

"The writing's on the wall
L.A.M.F., the Voidoids, CBGB, the New York Dolls
Throbbing drones and fractured chords
It’s nothing coming in, it’s nothing going out
You belong to the blank generation, but
You can take it or leave it each time..."

Gonzo Attack

The Background Story

1-2-3-4! New York City, 1974. A new genre of American music defined as punk rock began to develop around the CBGB club at 315 Bowery in Manhattan's East Village. A cultural watershed that still resonates today.

By late 1976, bands such as the New York Dolls, The Ramones, Richard Hell and The Voidoids, The Heartbreakers and The Dead Boys amongst others represented a broad variety of influences and musical styles, yet there was always the same abrasive attitude. Fast-paced songs, rough and distorted guitar chords, rapid bass non-fingerpicking, heavy and dry drumming. In this cultural incubator, a broad forms of expression such as music, visual art, literature and film were manifested through the extreme departure from the established 1970's mainstream norm.

With Gonzo Attack we hail this frank and confrontational cultural revolt created by those 70's youths that projected that grim realities of urban life and became a major cultural phenomenon in the world here and now.

The fine prints

A tribute to the New York “punk” rock movement back in the late 70’s, which brought about unique forms of music, life style and aesthetics such as CBGB music club [1973-2005], the album "Ramones" [1976] by the Ramones, the album “Blank Generation” [1977] by Richard Hell & the Voidoids, the album “L.A.M.F.” [1977] by Johnny & The Heartbreakers, just to mention a few.

The name of the beer is after The Voidoids lead guitarist - Robert Quine’s [1942-2004] comment on the punk guitar sound. Robert Quine could achieve a unique guitar sound (i.e. throbbing drones and fractured chords and solos).

The art concept is inspired by street art, graffiti and tags aesthetics and techniques employed by Jonathan Hultén (our artist) during his first conceptual art approaches in Arvika over the course of 2004-2006 under the nickname "Röst" (voice).

The layout and colour scheme is derived from the combination of the Post cereals “Pink Panther flakes” [1973] and the album “Blank Generation” [1977] album by Richard Hell and the Voidoids. The layout depicts the look of an edge-nagged and moisture-damaged-old poster as if were a gig-poster of a band called “Gonzo Attack” of that era in New York [ca. 1976-1977].

The highlight of the label is the photograph of the graffiti tagged, scribbled and painted on a real wall in Arvika by Jonathan himself [14th April, 2012], featuring a number of elements of the New York “punk” rock movement such as the album "The Blank Generation" by Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the album "Like A Mother Fucker" also known as “L.A.M.F.” and the song “Chinese Rocks” [1977] by Johnny & The Heartbreakers, the song "Beat on the Brat" [1976] by Ramones [1974-1996], the song “Personality Crisis” [1973] by the New York Dolls, CBGB [1973-2005], the band Blondie [1974-1982], the band The Dictators [1973-1979], among others.

The logo font of “Gonzo” word is derived from the iconic CBGB logo, while the logo font of “Attack” word is derived from the font of “Voidoids” from Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ band logo.

Gonzo Attack video

Flavour profile

Ale oddity with a copper colour and complex flavour with tones of toffee, figs and breakfast cereals. This is not a beer for those self-called “punks”. Everybody is their own person and their own thing.


Malts: Munich Type I, Wheat malt, Naked Oat Malt, Abbey, Melanoidin and Special W

Additional ingredients: Children Breakfast Cereal

Bittering hops: Magnum

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Bobek and Challenger

Dry-hopping: Styrian Goldings Bobek and Cascade

IBU: 38


Available in early September

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