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Mistress of taboo

  • Wee heavy - strong scotch ale -
  • Octane rating: 8.0%vol.
Mistress of Taboo

“No Barbarella in furs
Five inch heels and black leather boots
Velvet gloves with an iron hand
Mistress of Taboo brings the status quo down
The sledgehammer smashes the masterplan
You know, who you are
Butcher baby…turn out the lights!”

Mistress of Taboo

The Background Story

The late 70's and the 80's spawned artists and musicians that really dared to question the society and the values of the traditional way of life.

In this boiling pot of radical political views, angry youth and dystopic outlook of the future, Wendy O. Williams emerged. She shocked the masses, she was idolized and criticized, but perhaps most importantly she challenged her male peers of rock stardom with raging energy and catchy tunes and thus dared to be an equal.

Our Mistress of Taboo brew is a devoted tribute to her artistry.

The fine prints

Tribute to Wendy O. Williams [1949-1998], lead singer of The Plasmatics [1977-1987].

The name of the beer is after the song of the same name from the album Coup D’etat [1982] by The Plasmatics.

The artwork’s feel is influenced by The Plasmatics’ conceptual art - dynamic, outrageous and confrontational attitude towards the status quo, breaking taboos such as sexism, consumerism, musical formats, public awareness of global warming and genetic manipulation, and so forth.

The aesthetics manifests the cheesiness of the 80’s pop culture and Heavy Metal, although with twist of Anti-Art à la The Plasmatics derived from the albums Coup D’etat [1982] and Maggots: The Record [1987]; based on the use of modern materials, popular imagery and absurd contrast denying traditional concepts of aesthetics.

The label features the ideological idea and intention of The Plasmatics – Wendy O. Williams featuring as the Mistress of Taboo waging war against the Zeitgeist and the establishment, which is in this depiction in form of the world and its inhabitants are blown up. A picture of triumph.

The logo fonts are derived from the logo of the album W.O.W.[1984] by Wendy O. Williams, the logo of the album New Hope for the Wretched [1980] and the logo of the album Coup D’etat [1982] by The Plasmatics.

A Chevrolet Malibu 1964 haunted by dangerous space-aliens in its trunk from the film Repo Man [1984] by Alex Cox appears in the label as guest character emphasizing the attitude of this film and The Plasmatics in agreement.

Mistress of taboo video

Flavour profile

Wee Heavy with tawny colour, firm tan foam head and full body. Deeply malty in flavor with woody and earthy character that develops into toasty, nutty and fruity notes. A sledgehammer smashing the Zeitgeist to pulp.


Malts: Munich 15, Whisky malt, Oat malt, Cara Gold 120, Cara Ruby 50, Melanoidin malt 80, Special B, Pilsner malt, and Chocolate malt

Bittering hops: Challenger

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Bobek

Dry-hopping: Styrian Golding Bobek and Cascade

IBU: 35

Maturation: Resting in American oak chips for 7 days.


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