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  • Brown Ale
  • Octane rating: 5.5%vol.

"Questing the meaning under the black mark
Upon the northern star you will always shine
Tongues of fire and thunders you command
Ride the cold winds with pride
Over the vast mountains two ravens fly
As the hammer of steel cracks the night sky"


The Background Story

Swedish music industry is renowned and esteemed around the world. Swedish metal is a large part of this musical export. Even so, the fact remains that Heavy Metal and the art of it tends to be dismissed as less important than other art expressions and music genres. We feel we need to address this and show how important this expression has been in forming us as individuals.

In the early 80's a man who called himself Quorthon emerged in the Swedish music scene. He was shrouded in mystery and radiated an innate rock star quality. The images of him were alluring, and the music totally swept the heavy metal enthusiasts of their adolescent feet. So raw and dark! And yet, so catchy.

Progressive and innovative, Quorthons artistry with his band Bathory laid the foundation of the Nordic extreme metal scene and like ripples on a pond, or rather waves on a roaring sea - his legacy’s impact on the entire subculture is indeed without comparison.

This year, this iconic progenitor would have turned 50, had he not sadly passed away in 2004. So from the deepest, darkest depths of our hearts and with sincerity hard to put into words, we humbly wish to honour Quorthon, raise our glasses and to hail the hordes!

The fine prints

This beer is a tribute to the artistic work of Tomas "Ace" Börje Forsberg [1966-2004] known by the stage name Quorthon, with his metal band Bathory [1983-2004].

The visual concept of the label is inspired by the cover art imagery of Bathory’s discography.

The label features a silhouette of the iconic Bathory-goat from the album "Bathory" [1984] in the background. Likewise, a photo illustration of Quorthon as central character is portrayed as per the iconic photograph of him spitting fire. Through the fire a suggestion of the cover art from the album “Blood Fire Death” [1988] is shown based on the painting Åsgårdsreien [1872] by Peter Nicolai Arbo [1831-1892].

The two label frames as being made of gold, referring to the logo-colour of the album "Blood Fire Death" and its mood.

Quorthon video

Flavour profile

Flavoursome brown ale with chestnut colour and heavy body. A robust malty flavour with nutty and biscuity character yet dry. With a pride of steel we salute Quorthon with a Scandinavian attack. Hail the Hordes!


Malts: Munich Type I, Wheat malt, Melanoidin, Special Roast and Carafa Special Type I.

Bittering hops: Northern Brewer

Aroma hops: Challenger

Dry-hopping: Styrian Goldings Bobek and Cascade

IBU: 33


Sold out

This beer is a fundraiser to Hjärt-Lungfonden.


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