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  • Eisbock
  • Octane rating: 7.2%vol.

"The water laps against the kayak
Northern lights dance with the pole star
She hums under the water mirrors
Guarding sea creatures with jealousy and rage
Mother of seals, walrus, and whales
Let comb your long dark hair and grant the request
Reward with food the hunter, who never fears your name"


The Background Story

Know that the Old Woman, who lives beneath the sea, nurtures the existence of the living.

Stark landscapes of the Arctic tundra, northern lights and the harshness of life inspired the Inuit mythology filled with mystery, ghastly creatures, obscure tales and chants.

Our winter farewell beer is called Sedna; a tribute to the human wisdom emanated from the fascinating and intriguing yet little-known Inuit mythology and shamanism.

To Inuit folks, Sedna is the goddess of the sea and marine animals. Generally Sedna is considered a vengeful goddess, whom hunters must appease and pray to, in order to release sea animals for the hunt.

With this beer we want to remind you that our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls. That all natural things and unseen forces have a soul.

The fine prints

This Eisbock is a tribute to the Sea life represented by Sedna, the Inuit (Eskimo) goddess of the sea and marine animals, especially mammals such as seals, walrus and whales. She is also known as the Mother of the Sea or Mistress of the Sea. She resides and rules over Adlivun, the Inuit underworld. She is worshipped by Inuit hunters, who depend on her will to supply food.

A number of inspiring sources played an important role during the development of the imagery and the spirit of the artwork such as the Inuit shamanic beliefs (e.g. Tupilaqs), the Northern lights, the Inuit folklore compilation books “The People of the Polar North” [1908] and “Eskimo Folk Tales” [1921] by Knud Rasmussen [1879-1933], the documentary film on Inuit people “Nanook of the North” [1922] by Robert J. Flaherty [1884-1951] and the cult film on an Inuit plot story “Atanarjuat” [2001] by Zacharias Kunuk.

The label features Sedna as central character. Her body skin is made out of a real cod skin standing for the sea live and its beautiful aesthetics. The illustration of Sedna is concise and direct just like the Inuit folk tales. She is big and simple in her shapes, and totally dominates the composition of the label. The idea of the seal-like body is not to pursue a realistic portrayal, but to make a representation of the Sedna’s body providing the same function as Inuit carved sculptures of her and other folkloric beings - a symbol for something far greater. With her hair and her body Sedna is embracing the landscape consisted of the Sea and the Northern lights emphasizing her character of the ruler of the sea.

Sedna’s face is taken from the female character “Atauat” from the film “Atanarjuat”. Her face is a photograph mixed with a subtle amount of illustration.

The logo resides on a resembling animal skin background haunted by a carved sculpture of a Tupilaq; elegant but a little rough at the same time suggesting the font of a book cover of adventurous folk tales.

Sedna video

Flavour profile

Orangey copper Eisbock lager with a smooth body and white snowy foam head. With a clean yet robust malty character accompanied by a noble hop and floral aroma. An inviting experience by the Old Woman, who lives beneath the sea and nurtures the existence of the living.


Malts: Vienna, Munich Type I, Carahell, Melanoidin and Caramunich Type II

Bittering hops: Challenger

Aroma hops: Hallertau Hersbrücker

Dry-hopping: Styrian Goldings Bobek and Saaz

IBU: 37

This beer was partially frozen through Eisbock method.


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