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Shaam Larein

Shaam Larein
Shaam Larein

The Background Story

Three strong female voices in focus, melodies that screams desperate scales from the dark corners of the Middle East. Shaam Larein, where hunger is never silenced and hysteria is an obvious sign. With the debut album "Sculpture" which was released 31 January 2020, Shaam Larein opened a new door to the rock scene. It is dark and barren but with a beauty that shines like a beacon through the desperation. On stage, one can never expect what the band has in mind for us. But total Madness is guaranteed.

Photo: Elisabeth J. Bünger


Shaam - Lead Vocals
Linnea - Choir, Keyboards
Nathalie - Choir
Johan - Guitar
Elmer - Bass
Mille - Drums

The music

Shaam Larein's music

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