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  • Extra Special Bitter
  • Octane rating: 5.2%vol.

"It is the end of an era...
Between cold waters, in times of change
No room for an urban outcast
No room for the strange
The sluice now belongs to future past."


The Background Story

In the 1930’s a group of architects and engineers were hired to make a truly innovative solution with a cloverleaf intersection for the sluice in Södermalm.

Their contemporary constructions were questioned by some conservatives but also celebrated by international architects such as Le Corbusier, who wrote: "Vouz avez fait, vous, a Stockholm, la premiere grande oeuvre des temps modernes: le croisement de la Slusse! Il semblait que tout devait suivre, a cette échelle. Ne desespérez pas. Continuez, prosposez, combattez…" (You have created, you in Stockholm, the first masterpiece of modern times; the cloverleaf crossing of the Sluice. Keep up the work at this scale. Do not despair. Continue, propose, fight…)

To top it all off, this princess of functionalism was clad in tiles from renowned ceramics factory Upsala Ekeby and thusly, in a "My Fair Lady"-ish manner the flower girl turned into a lady.

Soon to be a landmark, Slussen is a given piece in the puzzle that is the Södermalm skyline. A place iconic enough that even the neon signs are tolerated in some sort of forgiving pop art frame.

The fine prints

With this beer we wish to celebrate the memory of Slussen, which is soon to be demolished and replaced.

Slussen connects the fresh water of Lake Mälaren and saltwater of the Baltic Sea, as well as the Old Town with Södermalm.

The label features a photo collage comprising Rysstorget, Gula Gangen, Katarinahissen, the Stomatol sign, and the subway "T"-sign.

The overall composition is influenced by Simon Larbalestier's photographic work in terms of exquisite tones and intricate dirty textures in neat contrast with the straight lines.

The logo font is derived from the ransom-note logo of the Sex Pistols single "God Save The Queen" [1977] by Jamie Reid, which perfectly catches the real Slussen vibe.

Slussen video

Flavour profile

Extra Special Bitter with golden colour and pillowy white head. It has a splendid hop aroma with a refreshing and well-balanced taste. Naturally carbonated by brewing ale yeast. A beer for old memories sake.


Malts: Munich, Vienna, Carahell and Melanoidin

Bittering hops: Northern Brewer

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Bobek

Dry-hopping: Cascade and Amarillo

IBU: 40


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