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The Coffinshakers

The Coffinshakers
The Coffinshakers

The Background Story

The Coffinshakers combine the primitive basics of country and rock ’n’ roll with the grimness and melancholy of gothic horror to deliver their simple three-chord songs with seldom heard presence. Their music range over a broad spectrum of music, from slow-movin’ ballads to fast-pace outbreaks of musical fury, all with the same naturalness and force. No, they are not vampires, but the music these four pale men in black deliver might just put an even more sinister spell on your mortal soul than the curse of the undead...

Photo: Anna-Karin Axelsson


Rob Coffinshaker - Vox & guitar
Fang – Guitar
Joe Undertaker – Bass
Andy Bones – Drums

The music

The Coffinshakers's music

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