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The Background Story

Tormented started playing in 2008 with no other intention than creating Death Metal that we ourselves wanted to hear. In a short amount of time a deal with cult-label Iron Fist Prod was landed and the first album Rotten Death was released which got great buzz in both magazines and in the unforgiving Death Metal underground. The album sold well and the band had to move on to a bigger label. During the time looking for the most reliant label, as many were interested in the band, we released a split 10" with Bombs of Hades and a 12" EP and Digipack CD named Graveyard Lust on War Anthem Records we finally settled for Listenable Records who then re-released Rotten Death which was long out of stock. The band started to go through the already written stuff for the next album and started to write new stuff as well as re-arranging and sharpening the older riffs to fit this new killer of an album, to follow up on the record we went on a full European tour with Black Breath to leave our first mark on European soil. As the years have past by with other projects we now have a new bass player and a new record is in the making.

"As the hour of doom approaches, raise your hands to the pestilent sky, sinking deeper into the grave that is the world, there will be no shining light as you die...........Death awaits"

Photo: Grind Ove


Jocke Ölund - Drums
Rikard Olsson - Bass
Andreas Axelson - Guitar and vocals
Claes Holmberg - Guitar

The music

Tormented's music

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