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Under The Church

Under The Church
Under The Church

The Background Story

Amongst the countless SweDeath-worship bands everywhere, UNDER THE CHURCH distinctively separates themselves from the pack and remains to be one of the true originators of Swedish Death Metal. Born of the base desire to create raw death metal, Erik Qvick and Lars Henriksson formed the band during 2012 after the final rites were administered to the reanimated corpse that was Nirvana2002. Inspired, a series of tunes were crafted, labored and recorded…

The end result was 'Demo 2013'; a three song affair that created a surge of interest in the band and their raw, filthy and ugly approach to the essence of death metal. Under the Church finalized the next onslaught of their campaign with a 7 track EP released in June 2014 through Singapore label Pulverised Records. For the bands live performances, guitarists Erik Wallin (Merciless, Death Breath) and Marcus Klack (Morbid, Trash Amigos) joined Under The Church.

2015 saw the bands full length album “Rabid Armageddon” being released to high acclaim and rave reviews. In 2017 Under The Church released their sophomore album “Supernatural Punishment” again through Pulverised Records. Joining Under The Church for the new album is acclaimed growler Erik Sahlström (General Surgery, Crucifyre, Death Breath) and the outcome “Supernatural Punishment” had the band digging deeper in their Death Metal roots.

Now Under The Church are working on the next release scheduled for 2020.

Photo: Magnus Göthlund


Erik Sahlström- Vocals
Erik Wallin - Guitars
Marcus Klack - Guitars
Lars Henriksson - Bass
Erik Qvick - Drums

The music

Under The Church's music

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