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The Background Story

“I'm interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.” - Mark Rothko

Wherein these lines lies much of the very essence and basics of Vanhelgd. These emotions depict our music and the emotions we strive to utter. It is primarily what we want to achieve and transfer to the beholder or listener...
Vanhelgd began its journey under the famous Swedish old school death metal banner in 2007 .Very traditional and true to the sentence the debut album and its successor was released and we got ourselves a name in the underground to be reckoned with. After these two records we got more focused and found a tread in the music of which we were determined to follow and thus our own expression and the 'Vanhelgd-sound' was born.

At this time, around 2013, we sowed the seed for what came to be our coming triology (Deimos Sanctuarium being the latest) and delved deep into our sound and unfold our own landscape that has grown much stronger over the years. It has characterized us as a band and given us a brand that our followers relish and we feel secure in. We have created a unified concept, combining words and sounds, of nausea to be loved and adored in audial solitude or reveled in live stage repugnancy. Vanhelgd should be an experience of totality, something to be affected from and not just brushed off the shoulder untouched.

Preferably, left with a scar in the soul, drawn in soil and ash.

...the dead shall drink our tears.

Photo: Henrik Stolt


Jonas Albrektsson - Bass
Mattias Frisk - Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Johansson - Guitar, Vocals
Mathias Westman – Drums

The music

Vanhelgd's music

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