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The Background Story

The band started out as Black Trip and garnered some early success and critical acclaim in their native Sweden. The debut “Going Under”, released 2013, entered the Swedish album chart at #18 and the critics agreed with Expressen (2nd biggest daily) who appointed the album as “…this year’s best heavy metal album”.

But that was just the beginning, after successful touring and a magnificent gig at Sweden Rock Festival the band had cemented their reputation as a solid live act.

“Shadowline” (2015) was no less an impressive of an album, no holds barred, down and dirty hard rock, drawing influences from the 70’s and 80’s whilst retaining a recognizable and unique identity.

Due to legal issues with the name Black Trip, enter VOJD. Same passion for the music, same songwriters, same singer, same guitarist - just a fresh start.

VOJD are by no means blushing debutants, on the contrary; they are all seasoned and experienced veterans, who have honed their skills in countless bands and toured the globe many times over.”

Photo: Pia Stjärnvind


Linus Björklund - Guitar and backing vocals
Peter Stjärnvind - Guitar and backing vocals
Joseph Tholl - Bass and lead vocals
Bentan Bentell - Drums and backing vocals

The music

Vojd's music

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