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The Background Story

Wachenfeldt was founded by Jon Skäre (Defiatory, Oof Expain, Ost+Front, PermaDeath) and Thomas von Wachenfeldt (Wombbath, Hulkoff) around 2012. Later on Martin Björklund (Månegarm, Mercury X) joined and the trio recorded the EP ”Colophon" in 2013 on Sliptrick Records. The songs where recorded at Bowstead Studios, Gränsfors and Fear & Loathing Studios in Stockholm. Colophon where mixed and mastered by Ola Lindgren (Grave) at Studio Soulless, Stockholm. The full-length ”The Interpreter” was released in 2019 on Threeman Recordings and received great reviews in the press worldwide.

Photo: Thomas von Wachenfeldt & Jon Skäre


Martin Björklund - Guitars
Daniel Jacobsson - Guitars (session)
Jon Skäre - Drums
Thomas von Wachenfeldt - Vocals and Bass

The music

Wachenfeldt's music

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