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  • Imperial India Pale Ale
  • Octane rating: 8.0%vol.

"The solar eclipse sets in as the vision takes form
Feathers and rattles, cedar boughs, pine twigs and drums
Golden eagle, jackrabbit and deer spirits
through the tobacco smoke
Wood guardians recall the mystic circle of life and soul
Spirits, spirits dance with you
You close your eyes when you hear the wolves
Let your spirit rise and fly
Embrace the ghosts and live as one."


The Background Story

This label is an aesthetic weave of ghosts, the afterlife, religious persecution and the evil that men do.

Although the main character of this tribute Imperial IPA is the Native American Wovoka, who lived in between 1856-1932, the topic of religious persecution is as pressing as ever.

On a solar eclipse in January 1st, 1889, Wovoka had a vision of The Ghost Dance. The purpose of the dance was to reunite the living with the spirits of their dead ancestors, thus bringing peace and prosperity to the Northern Paiute people. But reality proved otherwise. After the infamous massacre of Wounded Knee most followers of the movement perished. We can only hope that they now dwell in the happy hunting ground.

With this brew we humbly salute Wovoka and his kin, and bear in mind that nothing is new under the sun. So this is us, in walking gently upon the earth, leaving behind a simple legacy; let Wovoka remind you that the past is alive.

The fine prints

This Imperial IPA is a tribute to Wovoka [c.1856 -1932], also known as Jack Wilson, Northern Paiute religious leader, who founded The Ghost Dance movement.

The label captured the North Western American Indian imagery and spirit, particularly the Northern Paiute people.

Wovoka is depicted as the central character; the Great Shaman, leading the dance ghost accompanied by animal spirits and mortal Northern Paiute shamans around a sacred totem pole. This Ghost Dance is inspired by the Danse Macabre scene from the film Det sjunde inseglet (Seventh Seal) [1957] by Ingmar Bergman [1918-2007] and Walpurgis Night (Walpurgisnacht) allegory [30 April-1 May].

The solar eclipse of January 1st, 1889 - when Wovoka had the vision of the Ghost Dance appears in the top illuminating the magical and mystical scene.

Typical remarks of the Great Basin (US) features in the ritual - Feathers and rattlesnakes. Skeletons and spirits of Golden Eagle, Mule, Deer and Jackrabbit ascending in the ghost stone smoke.

The composition feel is beautifully draped on Aubrey Beardsley's aesthetics [1872-1898].

The logo font is derived from the logo of the album Sunshine Superman [1966] by Donovan.

Flavour profile

Eclipse-like copper Imperial IPA with a foam head like thick cloud in the blue sky. This ale is haunted by a prominent yet elegant floral, resinous, pine-like hop flavour intertwined with shamanic hints of juicy malt. A ghastly ritual you want to join in.


Malts: Munich 15, Vienna malt, Biscuit malt, Cara Gold 120 and Special B

Bittering hops: Colombus and Chinook

Aroma hops: Centennial

Dry-hopping: Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Simcoe

IBU: 120


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