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C'mon Billy

  • Golden maple Belgian ale
  • Octane rating: 6.6%vol.
C'mon Billy

"It rubs the lotion on its skin as he covets what he sees
The make-up, the wig, the pendants, and the rings
Precious, the mannequins and the moths
– his only friends
Goodbye Horses, it’s what Billy sings
The insane beauty rises from the chrysalis
The Death's-head Hawkmoth flickers its wings."

C'mon Billy

The Background Story

What is truth? What is beauty? Perception allows us to experience, but who can really tell what fellow man perceives?

C'mon Billy invites you to, like the Death's-head Hawkmoth, shed the heavy, stagnant shell that is clad upon us by our cultural conceptions.

We see Jame as the alchemical hermaphrodite that strives to achieve balance between masculinity and femininity. See beyond the madman and find the beauty of this struggle.

C'mon, dance with Jame in the dim light and spread your wings...

The fine prints

The name of this brew is inspired by and derived from the song C’mon Billy from the album To Bring You My Love [1995] by PJ Harvey and the character Jame Gumb also known as "Buffalo Bill" from the film The Silence of the Lambs [1991] by Jonathan Demme, based on the novel of the same name [1988] by Thomas Harris.

The label depicts the iconic Buffalo Bill dance scene with the song Goodbye Horses [1988] by Q. Lazzarus featuring his pet dog "Precious", the Death's-head Hawkmoths and the four mannequin companions illuminated by a disco ball. This scene stands for the beauty of human mind as quiet ovation to its insanity.

The composition of the label highlights the birth of Buffalo Bill as a woman rising from the chrysalis based on the "Nascita di Venere" (Birth of Venus) [1486] by Sandro Botticelli [c.1445-1510] in a peculiar twisted manner.

The illustration concept of Buffalo Bill as main central character of the label is inspired by the characters from Final Fantasy VI [1994] by Yoshitaka Amano with true androgynous and beautiful features in colourful garbs. This combined with the feel of 50’s pin-up illustrations with harmless expression, but seductive at the same time.

The logo font is derived from old school tattoo style such as those wore by Buffalo Bill on his left hand and torso.

The colour scheme stands for the light and the weightlessness that Buffalo Bill covets from the femininity of "special girls".

C'mon Billy video

Flavour profile

Golden ale with a creamy foam wig. Subtle yet insane complex flavour dressed with a touch of Canadian maple syrup and smooth alcohol warmth. Put the bottle in the basket!


Malts: Munich, Wheat malt, Carabelge and Abbey

Bittering hops: Northern Brewer

Aroma hops: Styrian Goldings Bobek

Dry-hopping: Cascade and Amarillo

IBU: 36

Flavouring ingredient: Québec Amber Maple Syrup. Natural product from Bas-Saint-Laurent, Canada


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