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Lux Interior

  • Apricot Blonde Ale
  • Octane rating: 5.2%vol.
Lux Interior

"Hey kitty, kitty, you wanna talk about the real junk?
Elvis and bikini girls with machine guns
Come on little mamma, this is goddamn Rock’n’Roll
The king of the jungle turns into a teenage goo-goo muck
Puberty rights and puberty wrongs… buzz, buzz buzz
Dance with the creature from the black leather lagoon
Aloha From Hell… Stay sick sweetie hog!"

Lux Interior

The Background Story

“You ain’t no punk, you punk. You wanna talk about the real junk?” ― Lux Interior

The Cramps were an American punk rock band formed by lead singer Lux Interior (born Erick Lee Purkhiser) and guitarist and songwriter Poison Ivy Rorschach (born Kristy Marlana Wallace) in 1976. They were part of the legendary early CBGB punk rock scene in New York during the late 70’s and were the founders of psychobilly music. Their first L.P., “Songs the Lord Taught Us,” [1980] became a huge hit with the audience of the first wave of punk music. The band dissolved upon Lux Interior’s passing on February 4th, 2009.

The foundation of the Cramps’ sound was based on dual guitars with no bass, and heavily influenced by the sounds of American southern culture, early rockabilly, rhythm & blues, rock’n’roll, and 1960’s surf music. Equally as innovative and irreplaceable as the band’s music were their lyrics and the imagery they cultivated, inspired by retro horror/sci-fi b-movie iconography, fetishism, sexual double-entendre, and American camp aesthetics.

In June 1978, the band played a riveting and unforgettable show for approximately two hundred patients at the Napa State Mental Institute in California, manifesting the authentic, rebellious, and wild substance of rock’n’roll. “Somebody told me you people are crazy, but I’m not so sure about that. You seem to be alright to me,” Lux Interior screamed from the stage that day.

Lux Interior was known for his uncontained, unhealthy, provocative, and frenetic stage performances, including androgynous outfits with high heels, semi-nudity, sexually suggestive movements, and microphone blow jobs, taking the entire head of an SM-58 microphone into his mouth. He was a true deviant and anti-hero, performing the Devil’s music, rock’n’roll, together with his wife Poison Ivy, a dominatrix bad-girl with alluring burlesque glory and proud of her sexuality, subverting 70’s stereotypes of female musicians.

With our apricot blonde ale we proudly pay homage to Lux Interior and his artistic legacy in The Cramps together with Poison Ivy-one of the most genuine, influential, and enduring rock’n’roll bands of all time.

The fine prints

This is our tribute to the American band “The Cramps” [1976-2009].

The name of the label is after The Cramps’ vocalist, Erick Lee Purkhises, also known as Lux Interior [1946-2009].

The label intends to capture the essence of The Cramps- pure rock’n’roll and rockabilly music with a fascinating combination of psychedelia, sex, punk, horror and science fiction iconography, and the glamour of the 50’s. A perfect example of this is the The Cramps’ gig video “Live at Napa State Mental Hospital” [1978].

The label features as central characters Lux Interior, accompanied by Poison Ivy Rorschach, suggesting the song “Bikini Girls with Machine Guns” [1989].

The illustration background is inspired by the zebra print background of the cover of the album “Stay Sick!” [1989] by The Cramps, while the colour scheme also reflects the band’s imagery.

The label layout is based on the layout of the tickets of the official The Cramps’ gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands on February 21st, 1990 organised by Regular Music.

The logo font is derived from the official logo of The Cramps.

Lux Interior video

Flavour profile

Kinky blonde ale with an enticing white foam head and a slender good-looking body. This brew has a distinct and luscious flavour due to the generous addition of fresh apricots during the beer maturation. This is a goddamn Rock ’n’ Roll brew for a date with Elvis. Stay sick!


Malts: Vienna, Wheat Malt and Carabelge

Bittering hops: Styrian Wolf

Flavouring ingredient: Apricot

IBU: 15


End of May

This beer is a fundraiser to ANAAD México A.C.

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