Macken Fest 2022

September 16th, 17th, 18th
Fållan 10, Johanneshov, Stockholm

30 Bands, 6 Damn Good Craft Beers, An Art Exhibition, Black Coffee & Cherry Pie

This is a multidisciplinary cultural festival in Stockholm, Sweden.
The involved bands & artists performing in this event artistically collaborated with Macken Bryggeri during this 10 year journey creating art with integrity. Sources of beauty and horror. Intriguing and wonderful.

Macken Fest 2022 festival programme

Macken Fest 2022 Festival Programme

Friday, September 16th: Dismember, Nifelheim, General Surgery, Lik, Vanhelgd, Tormented, Antichrist, Harrowed, Cardinal Maniac, Maim

Saturday, September 17th: Lucifer, Underground Fire, Satan Takes A Holiday, The Dahmers, Puffball, Iron Lamb, Sweet Teeth, Tøronto, Freedom

Sunday, September 18th: Jonathan Hultén, Enforcer, The Coffinshakers, Anekdoten, Yuri Gagarin, The Heard, Horndal, Serpent Omega, Second Sun, Contaminazione, Shaam Larein

Beers: Twin IPA (American IPA), Quorthon (Brown ale), 9:45 A.M. (Mother of all beers), Cenobite (Oak aged red ale), The Dude (Neo-American lager)

  • Macken Fest Fredag
  • Macken Fest Lôrdag
  • Macken Fest Sôndag